Thursday, 20 July 2017

Bikini bottom

                                 Bikini bottom

Bikini bottom colored bottom with sidebands material: 90% polyamid, 10% elastane cold hand wash. Dry but not use the tumbler! Made in Brazil

Sometimes it is a little mind-boggling when you look at all the different things that are available in your average clothing store. Just take something as seemingly simple as swim suits. Just take a look around in any sports store or even a clothing store and you will see a veritable cornucopia of different types hanging on the racks. Whether it is a sexy bikini, a rather revealing Speedo or a more modest one piece there are enough different ones to make the choice for some people very hard indeed.
The sexy bikini that is so accepted these days was not even considered a long time ago. At some point in humanity's history there came a time when people decided that showing off the naked body or even any part of the body was just not done. Before this people used to go swimming in whatever they happened to have on or even in the nude. But when this change came around the first swimsuits also came into being. They were anything but revealing and their design was based rather on how to keep as much of the person's body covered while still allowing them to enjoy the time spent swimming. As time went on, however, the swimsuits became smaller and more revealing and the progression in both men and women's swim suits went at pretty much the same pace. Today we have everything from board shorts to Speedos and one-pieces to itsy bitsy bikinis.
For the ladies the choice is actually surprisingly limited between the sexy bikini and the more practical one-piece suit. While there are variations on the general idea they all remain either on or the other. In some countries, especially South American and European nations, there is the so-called 'monokini' that is just the bikini bottom without a top. While the choice may be limited to some, other girls just take things into their own hands. One example is wearing a bikini top with a pair of board shorts instead of a bikini bottom.
As for the men the choice is a little wider but not much. Right up there with the sexy bikini is the Speedo that is worn by only the bravest and attractive of the gender. Far more common are board shorts or just swimming trunks that are basically shorts that go down to just about the knees that are made from a material that easily sheds water. Of course when it comes to men all they really have to do is to strip off their shirts and pants and just dive in - if they are wearing underwear, of course - making the need for proper swimwear a little redundant sometimes.
Whether you like the sexy bikini or one of the more modest styles available there are still tons to choose from. There are even swimsuits especially made for people who are not comfortable with all that flesh showing. Whether you are a guy or a girl there is a swimsuit that is made just for you.
With the Spring season in full on, there can be nothing like taking a cool dip in the beach or a refreshing swim in the pool. For any water fun a sexy swimwear is indispensable. Bikini, especially a sexy halter swimsuit is one sort of sexy swimwear, which has always topped the fashion list and has been a trendsetter for a long time now. A sexy halter swimsuit in vivid colors and beautiful prints can do wonders to enhance your glamorous look. The best thing about a sexy halter swimsuit is that it suits almost any body shape.
If you desire to get some attention on the beach, then you should definitely try out the fabulous new collection of sexy designer halter bikinis. With beautiful colors, attractive prints, and trendy styling, you're sure to look sensational in these sexy swimsuits.
Women who prefer a little more coverage at the same want to look sensuous can opt for the Sexy Bikini Halter Designer Ujena Swimsuit, which comes in two ravishing colors, including bright green and rich purple.
If you have a problem showing your not so attractive derriere, then you should go in for the Tommy Bahama 2 Piece Halter Bikini Swimsuit. With this sexy designer halter bikini, which comes in black and white damask print, a black halter bikini top, and skirted hipster bottom you can very well conceal your troubled parts and still manage to look your glamorous best.

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